October 29 – 30, 2019

San Diego, CA

Seeding Labs

Seeding Labs

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Seeding Labs is a Boston-based nonprofit that helps scientists in developing nations conduct life-changing research by providing them with lab equipment, training, and opportunities to collaborate with experts in their field, and to use these vital resources to achieve great things. We don’t just focus on health, or food security, or energy and environment, or economic development—we aim to transform them all.

Through our Instrumental Access program, we put the tools of modern science in the hands of brilliant scientists worldwide. We partner with manufacturing, biotech, and pharma companies to place their surplus equipment into labs in developing countries. Equipment is the foundation that enables the research, discovery, teaching, and learning that is essential to solving development challenges locally and globally. Beyond equipment, Seeding Labs builds strategic relationships with our private-sector partners to share expertise and increase scientific and healthcare capacity around the world.

To date, Seeding Labs has partnered with 140+ companies to make 76 Instrumental Access shipments to 64 research institutions in 33 developing countries benefiting tens of thousands of scientists and their students. Your surplus equipment can change the world. Questions? equipment@seedinglabs.org.

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